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  • Fix Windows XP Log On/Log Off Loop page 1

    Posted on May 5th, 2009 admin No comments

    Did you recently install some software, update a virus scanner, do a Windows Update or run a Spybot: Search & Destroy scan with an older version of Spybot and now when you try and log on to Windows XP or Vista it automatically logs you off? Help is right here!

    You haven’t tried the real solution yet until you’ve tried this one! This fix incorporates many other fixes found around the Internet, plus steps to remove spyware easily! It’s worth the wait to ensure a working system!

    Completely automated! * Live Spybot: Search & Destroy Scan! * Support for XP installations without ANY sort of Service Pack! * No more messy Offline Registry Editors! * No more Bart PE CD building! * No more Ubuntu CD burning!

    Save Me v1.25.2 is out! (see changelog.txt for details if interested)

    Introduction/Somethings you should know(VERY IMPORTANT,PLEASE READ)

    • First off, your data is safe so DO NOT PANIC. All of it can be recovered. Think of the data that you made on your computer as a separate thing from Windows itself. (because it is!) Windows is just an Operating System, a special kind of computer program made to run other computer programs or read certain files. Windows is made up of MANY parts, and sometimes those parts need to be replaced, just like any other machine. We’re going to check certain parts of the system to make sure everything is running the way it should.
    • Another way to think of it is that your front door is locked, so we’re getting into the machine through a back door to unlock the front door.
    • Another reason why your data is safe is because most pieces of spyware cause Windows to stop working, but they don’t destroy your data. Think of the spyware as a stupid burglar: he’ll take all the pipes and wood out of your house, but he/she won’t steal your car or jewels.
    • If my solution (scroll down) does not work for you and you need the data off the hard drive, search local websites for any sort of USB-to-IDE or USB-to-SATA device. These devices will allow you to hook up your hard drive to a working computer via USB and get the data off of it.


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