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  • Fix Windows XP Log On/Log Off Loop Page 6

    Posted on May 5th, 2009 admin No comments

    Part 5 - Run the Discs!

    1. Put the Vista Recovery Disc CD/DVD into the open CD/DVD tray of the computer that is still off.
    2. Turn on the computer and pop in the CD/DVD tray if it doesn’t automatically do it (laptop’s won’t)
    3. The CD/DVD should spin up and boot.
    4. Press any key at the prompt as it says.
    5. Some files will load. (some machines may take up to 25 minutes to load!)
    6. You’ll be brought to a colorful screen with a cursor.
      [If you get any strange errors at this point, please shut down your machine by holding down the power button for at least 5 seconds and try booting it up with the disc again.]
    7. Wait (at most 5-10 minutes on very old systems) until a window appears.
    8. After the window appears, click Next.
    9. Click Repair your computer on the bottom left.
    10. Click Next on the small window that appears. (Don’t worry about it not detecting XP.)
    11. Click Command Prompt on the window that appears.
    12. Take the Vista Recovery Disc CD/DVD out and put the Save Me v1.25.2 CD/DVD in your CD/DVD drive.
      [If you are having issues with this, try downloading and unzipping this .zip file, taking the files that were in it and putting them onto a USB flash drive. (making sure that you can see a file called "saveme" or "saveme.bat" in the root of the drive) Then, put the USB flash drive into the computer.]
    13. Try typing D:\saveme, E:\saveme or F:\saveme to start up the recovery process.
    14. Follow the directions in the Command Prompt window.

    So, NOW are you able to log in?
    Yes!: Please go on to the next page!
    Still No!
    Please contact me. (see the first page)

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