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  • How to Recover Your Sony Vaio Laptop

    Posted on October 15th, 2010 admin 97 comments


    Things You’ll Need:

    • If possible:
    • a) Access to Windows and the Vaio Recovery Utility; and b) 2 DVDs / or 9 CDs.
    1. 1

      If possible: access the Vaio Recovery Utility, from Windows (hit Start and find it in Programs).
      Open this, and select the first option: to Make Recovery Discs.
      Here you choose to either create this over 2 DVDs or 9 CDs.
      !! Make sure all DVDs/CDs have burned properly !! Beware that there will be a separation between recovering your system (Windows), and recovering applications (like MS Word).

    2. 2

      If possible: backup all your data (the files and documents you´ve created, and that you wish to keep post-recovery). You could back this up onto your D drive (since you have an option to leave your D drive intact during recovery); but I highly recommend you back your data onto an external hard-drive.

    3. 3

      If possible: attempt recovery by using the Recovery Utility - open it up, and this time select the second option (Recover System). From there follow the instructions.
      If not possible (e.g. your system’s crippled), try this: restart your laptop, and start hitting F10 continuously as it turns on and until you see a horizontal white bar loading at the bottom of your screen. You have now loaded the Recovery Utility from the emergency recovery partition (clever Vaio people!). Now, follow instructions, and choose the options most adequate to your needs.
      Within a few minutes you can have your system fully recovered and operational.

    Tips & Warnings

    • Always, always, always try to backup your data before going ahead with any of this.
    • Preferably, also, you should create the Recovery Discs (from the Recovery Utility), and try to recover the system using the same Utility.
    • The F10 method is really a last-resort.
    • Before going ahead with the recovery - if possible (i.e. if you can still access Windows, etc.), do backup your data either onto the D drive or an external hard-drive.
    • Remember: during recovery, you have the option to leave the D drive intact.
    • Note: If you haven’t backed up your data from the C: drive, you may lose this altogether.
    • Also, if you still have access to Windows and the Vaio Recovery Utility: make yourself the mandatory DVD/CD copies of the recovery partition.

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