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  • Configure Kaspersky To Allow File and Print Sharing

    Posted on January 12th, 2010 admin No comments

    File and print sharing are a convenient feature in Windows XP but have some security issues. Strong measures such as firewalls are key to the safety of a network. However, if not configured properly, such software can actually block access to file and print sharing. Most vendors provide documentation which explains the correct way to set this. Kaspersky Internet Security is a very strong application which can be configured to protect each computer but also allow access to file and print sharing at the same time. It also has built-in anti-virus, pop-up blocker and a large database of virus definitions which it uses to detect threats and other intrusions. It actively protects im such a way that it prevents infections before they can install themselves. It is effective in restricting unauthorized connections to shares from over the Internet without blocking them from legitimate machines inside the LAN. The best part is that Kaspersky comes with a 3-user license allowing it to be installed on up to 3 computers at once, perfect for protecting a small LAN.

    Here are the step-by-step instructions to configure Kaspersky to allow file and print sharing:

    1. Open Kaspersky Internet Security 7.0
    2. Click the ‘Settings’ button. This opens the main settings window.
    3. In the menu on the left, click the black box to the left of where it says ‘Protection’ to expand the list of options beneath it (if it is not already expanded).
    4. Click ‘Firewall’. This opens the firewall options.
    5. Under ‘Filtration System’, click the ‘Settings…’ button. This opens another settings window.
      Note: Be careful, there are two of these buttons on the same screen under different categories. Make sure to click the one towards the top.
    6. Click the ‘Zones’ tab.
    7. Highlight the zone for your network adapter by clicking it once. You can find the correct zone by scrolling to the right and looking under the ‘Description’ column. If it lists the name of an ethernet card as the descirption then that is the one.
      Note: If you have two adapters, for instance one wireless and one ethernet, you will need to do this to whichever one is used for sharing. Both adapters can be set for this as well, if needed.
    8. Under ‘Rule decscription (click underline parameters to edit):’ find where it says ‘Zone Status: Internet’. The word ‘Internet’ is in blue letters with an underline. Click it twice so it changes to “Local Network”.
      Note: Do not use the ‘Trusted’ setting. It is very insecure.
    9. Click ‘OK’.
    10. Click ‘OK’ on the previous Window.
    11. Close Kaspersky. Do not worry, this does not close the entire program. It will still be running and guarding the PC.
    12. Do this to all PCs which will be used to share files and/or printers.